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Don't ignore the effect of printing on the compressive strength of the carton.

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Compressive strength is an important index for evaluating the performance of corrugated boxes. It refers to the maximum pressure that can be withstood when the box is crushed evenly when the empty box of the corrugated box is placed in three dimensions. Factors affecting the compressive strength of corrugated boxes include raw material type, carton structure, molding process, logistics factors, and the like. Among them, the influence of printing as a part of the molding process on the strength of the carton has been recognized in the industry.
In recent years, with the development of printing technology, some companies believe that the compressive strength of cardboard boxes is less and less affected by printing, and even negligible. In this regard, the inspection and quarantine department conducted a special comparison sampling test before and after printing on the compressive strength of corrugated boxes, and randomly selected a group of pre-printed and post-printed carton samples from 9 export corrugated box enterprises. In the 9 groups, the paper, structure, process and storage conditions were the same for each of the two samples. The only difference was that one of the samples was printed by the currently widely used flexo printing method, and the other was not printed. The test results show that among the 9 groups of data, except for the compressive strength of a group of printed cartons, the compressive strength of the other eight groups of printed boxes has different degrees of influence, the most significant compression of the carton after printing. It fell by 11.9% before printing. It can be seen that the influence of printing on the compressive strength of corrugated boxes cannot be ignored.
The inspection and quarantine department reminded relevant Shanghai printing factories to pay attention to the impact of printing on the compression resistance of the carton: First, we must fully understand the performance of the packaged products and the requirements for packaging and transportation; second, determine the printing method, pressure, and The area, shape, location and other factors; the third is to determine the pressure and other data indicators through pre-proofing, to estimate the impact of printing on the compression resistance of the carton; Fourth, the use of raw material paper selection, improve the paper or corrugated core paper grade Make up for the impact of printing against pressure performance.