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How to avoid the generation of wire during the plastic printing processHigh-end selection of label printing

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 Flexo printing - for front printing, reverse printing and back printing depending on the needs of the business.

Gravure technology - very mature technology, low cost, and promoted use.
Screen printing - speed is limited by the ability to dry.
Hot stamping technology - ordinary rotary hot, jump hot, holographic positioning hot.
Cold-hot technology - low investment, low cost, easy operation, wide application of materials, no indentation, and the continuous improvement of the quality of aluminized film makes the transfer effect better and better, and some replacement of hot stamping is a development trend.
Coding and digital printing - Coding is variable information printing, used in electronic supervision, anti-counterfeiting labels, lottery tickets, bills, direct mail, etc.; digital printing and laser die cutting is the application of personalized printing.
How to exchange?
In addition to cold foiling, other printing units can be replaced with the equipment platform rails through this interchangeable platform for fast and flexible operation. Cold ironing, generally adopts a slide rail mechanism to move quickly between units to a position where cold ironing is required.
Inline processing and auxiliary function inline die cutting, waste disposal - inline film: self-adhesive and coating; broken single sheet, slitting and winding; folding collection (counting device); indentation (hitting bump) ; application of the flip frame; application of non-stop rewinding; corona, paper cleaning, anti-static device, water cooling device, hot air, infrared, UV drying, etc.
Flexo + cold ironing (basic platform), expansion platform (reserved space for gravure printing), flexo + gravure + cold foil...
"Super" combination: flexo + gravure + screen + reverse + cold stamping + laminating + die cutting + winding or receiving a single sheet.
Continue to combine
A die cutting unit, a hot stamping unit, an (offset unit), a coding unit, and the like are inserted in the printing group.
Ink combination - flexo: ink, UV ink (can be equipped with water-cooled roller); gravure: ink solvent ink UV ink (can be equipped with water-cooled roller); screen: ink, solvent ink, UV ink (can be equipped with water-cooled roller).
Equipment extension combination - machine rewinding, RFID embedding, post-processing extension (such as ABG).
Combination printing presses with optional labels The combination printing is not the more complete the configuration - from the perspective of business structure and business development; from the performance of each combination printing functional unit; from the basic platform of flexo printing machine; from product features And process requirements considerations; from the efficiency of production management; from the relationship between input and output; from the technical level of personnel - the ultimate realization of a flexographic printing and processing business, multiple flexo machines by business Use separately. Duoweilong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. advocates cooperation and development - cooperation with printing companies, mainly in pre-sales consultation; cooperation with materials, inks, plates, and plate-making companies to complete the testing of new products; and "competitive partners" Cooperation and discussion to correctly guide the development direction of label printing.
Purpose - ultimately achieve a win-win situation.
The prospect of flexo Currently, no matter whether it is the domestic market or the international market, there is no other way to replace the dominant position of flexographic printing in the field of labeling. Not only that, but flexo, especially the combination of flexographic technology applications, pushes high-end label printing to a higher level. Flexographic printing is a challenge and an indispensable tool for companies to enter the high-end market.