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Talking about the application of anti-counterfeiting printing

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When it comes to security and anti-counterfeiting printing, many people will first think of the application of ticket printing, such as banknotes, ID cards, passports, and various tickets. In fact, with the continuous development of network and information technology, security and anti-counterfeiting printing is not limited to these aspects. Various high value-added products, valuable tickets and confidential documents need appropriate protection. It is easy to be counterfeited, copied or forged, causing controversy over the loss or rights of the parties. According to statistics, the output value of global counterfeit products in 2003 is estimated to exceed 650 billion US dollars, accounting for 5% to 6% of the total world trade, which has not been included in the losses caused by counterfeiting securities and forged documents.
In order to effectively protect the owner's rights and interests, various security anti-counterfeiting technologies have begun to be effectively applied in the printing industry.
New application of digital watermarking technology in the printing of government agencies and military systems
The official documents of government agencies have their own requirements of seriousness, authority and security. The requirements for writing are accurate and rigorous, and the requirements for document circulation are highly secure. This raises higher and higher requirements for the issuing agencies. Through the digital watermarking technology, the official document can be securely protected by embedding information points in the official document. If the file is illegally lost and traced back, you can use the proprietary identification system to find the source of the loss and ensure the security of document circulation. At present, Peking University Founder's digital watermarking technology is in a leading position in the world and has been effectively applied in important government agencies and military systems in China.
The application of micro-words in the commercial printing market
The application of micro-words is actually around us. Many people may not notice that the credit card used in our daily life has a small circle of black "small dots" in the "UnionPay" logo in the upper right corner. In fact, As long as you observe with a magnifying glass, you will find that this is a micro-word composed of a circle of numbers and letters, which plays the role of anti-counterfeiting protection. In the commercial printing market, the application fields of micro-words are very extensive, such as anti-counterfeiting printing on drug labels and outer packaging, anti-counterfeiting output protection for various documents and certificates, and security protection for important documents. The application of the word is implemented.
Application of super line products in the bill printing market
Compared with other applications, everyone will be familiar with super-line products. The most common one is the super-line application on the RMB, which plays an important role in the safe circulation of the protection currency. At the same time, super-line products are also widely used in security documents such as identity documents, passports, valuable coupons, certificates, certificates, scratch cards, and lotteries.
The important role of digital copyright protection technology in the publishing industry
With the continuous acceleration of the digitalization process in Shanghai's printing and publishing industry, industry users have begun to actively explore POD on-demand publishing. The current success is the POD on-demand publishing platform that Shanghai Printing Group is launching. She can help publishers and printing houses. The realization of the digital storage of resources, network on-demand trading platform, efficient job transfer, intelligent production and other functions, while providing another online sales platform for copyright parties, also provides a good digital resource library, back-end intelligent production Processing center, logistics and distribution management. Of course, this must be inseparable from digital copyright protection technology. The digital copyright protection technology provided by Peking Founder can well protect the rights of copyright owners. The system will use digital copyright protection technology according to the actual number of online orders. The back-end production is produced on a single basis, eliminating the risk of copyright protection that may exist in the production process.
The easiest security security printing - variable data applications
Among the many security printing technologies, the most common applications are variable data applications, such as marking in government documents, bar code applications, bar code applications in various attractions in the commercial market, and various label applications. These seem simple The application can help people effectively prevent illegal copying, counterfeiting or forgery, and protect the interests of users.
Of course, in actual business applications, one or more of the above technologies are generally applied in combination to achieve high security requirements for security and security printing.
With the continuous deepening of digital printing, digital printing security has become a vital part of the entire printing process. Security and anti-counterfeiting printing has become a major issue that must be faced and solved in the development of the industry. It is gratifying that Beijing Peking Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of the industry and has provided technical applications and products including digital watermarking technology, micro-word technology, super-line products, copyright protection technology, variable data applications, etc. Users work together to build a total solution for secure anti-counterfeiting printing.