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   Jiedong Yujia Printing Factory is found in 2009. It is a modern high-tech company, which has advanced cardboard equipments and high-end thermal transfer printing equipments and involves in the printing of thermal transfer printing flower film and Heat transfer stamping processing. Now Yujia’s business develops rapidly and covers throughout the country. It has great influence and strong competitiveness in the printing industry.
  Welcome every purchaser to Yujia and foreign purchasers please bring translator when you come to Yujia.
  Following are some characteristics of Yujia’s heat transfer printing film.
  1. Full color pattern, exquisite, strong stickiness, easy to transfer print
  2. Precise chromaticity printing, saturated colors, flowing printing ink, no miscellaneous points
  3. Not easy to chip, easy to transfer print
  4. Strong stickiness